AGM Knockout Trophy 2015 The AGM Knockout competition took place on Thursday 18th June in its traditional format, as a 10 minute knockout tournament following the club's Annual General Meeting. This is a 'fun and friendly' competition (or at least as fun and friendly as is possible when there are trophies and cash at stake). The winner is awarded the AGM KO Trophy and a prize of £10. To the cynics amongst you, this is not a cheap bribe to attend the AGM !

As with all our club competitions, this was a well-supported event (thanks again Sean!). It was also an enjoyable, in some cases brief, and hard fought competition.

So, congratulations go to David Millward who won in spite of having to play two more games than anybody else. Commiserations to the losing finalist Sean Clarke and thanks to everybody else for participating and attending the AGM.

The full results are detailed below:

AGM Knockout Results
Round 1
Bill Rippon 0-1 Paul Savin
Neil Axe 0-1 Sean Clarke
David Millward ½ 1-½ 0 Peter Laundy
Quarter Finals
Paul Savin 1-0 Ben Thompson
Arunas Gedvilas 0-1 Tamas Somogyi
Sean Clarke 1-0 Daniel Hardy-Wallace
David Millward ½ 1-½ 0 Dave Kraszewski
Semi Finals
Sean Clarke 1-0 Paul Savin
David Millward 1-0 Tamas Somogyi
Sean Clarke 0-1 David Millward