Basildon Chess Club Championships 2019-20 (Open and Under-140) The 2019-20 Club Championships commenced on 4th July 2019. 13 entries were received for the Open tournament and 4 entries for the Under-140.
The winner of the Open tournament will be crowned Club Champion and will receive a trophy and engraving on the Club Championship shield, which is also kept for one year. The winner of the U140 tournament will also receive a trophy.
The Open tournament consists of two all-play-all (once) groups. The winner and runner-up of each group will qualify for the semi-final. In the event of a tie for 1st/2nd place, the head to head game will act as a tie breaker. If this was drawn, 1st/2nd place will be decided by the toss of a coin. In the event of a tie for 2nd/3rd, a Rapid play off will take place. No tie breaker in this case.
The semi-finals will be Winner Group A v Runner-Up Group B and Winner Group B v Runner-Up Group A.
The U140 Tournament will be all-play-all twice. In the event of a tie, a rapidplay decider will determine the winner.
The time controls for all non-rapid games will be 80 mins + 10 secs per move.

Club Championship Group Matches
Pos Group A DK DM SC PS PL LS Pts             Pos Group B JB RB AG EG BF AD MM Pts
=3 Dave Kraszewski x -W -B -W -B -W 0/0 =2 Justin Baptie x -W -B -W ½B -W -B ½/1
=3 David Millward -B x -W -B -W -B 0/0 =4 Radu Bara -B x -W -B -W -B -W 0/0
=1 Sean Clarke -W -B x -W 1B -W 1/1 1 Arunas Gedvilas -W -B x -W -B -W 1B 1/1
=1 Paul Savin -B -W -B x 1W -B 1/1 =4 Ellie Gamal -B -W -B x -W -B -W 0/0
=3 Peter Laundy -W -B 0W 0B x -W 0/2 =2 Bob Fowles ½W -B -W -B x -W -B ½/1
=3 Lakshan Siddharth -B -W -B -W -B x 0/0 =4 Andy Daniel -B -W -B -W -B x -W 0/0
=4 Mandar Mane -W -B 0W -B -W -B x 0/1

Under-140 Championship
=1 Lakshan Siddharth x - - - - - - 0/0
=1 Bill Rippon - - x - - - - 0/0
=1 Andy Daniel - - - - x - - 0/0
=1 Mandar Mane - - - - - - x 0/0
Group and U140 Match Reports Group A
4th July- Paul was outplayed by Peter in the opening and early middlegame, but with a win in sight, Peter blundered and allowed Paul to turn the tables.
11th July- Peter versus Sean started with a big space advantage for Peter, but after queens were exchanged, Peter's more advanced pawns proved a source of weakness. Sean eventually broke through, queened his 'd' pawn and claimed the point.

Group B
4th July - Mandar, making his debut in our club competitions (welcome Mandar!), had a tough start meeting Arunas who proved to be too strong on this occasion.
11th July- Bob missed an opportunity against Justin, with a winning rook sac. The final position, Q, R and six Ps for Bob, v Q, B, N + four was tough to assess and moves were repeated, with Justin very short of time.